Voices you'll hear on the show

Scott Murray (Host, Producer)

Scott started the show back in June of 2011. Since then he's enjoyed talking to both listeners and special guests. He writes, produces, edits and hosts every show with the audience in mind.  Some of his screen passions are Star Wars, The Dark Knight trilogy, Firefly, Once Upon a Time, British comedy, romantic comedy, 80s pop culture and the Muppets.  Follow Scott on Twitter @MrScottMurray

Tricia Barr (The Fangirl Critic)

Tricia writes about Star Wars for FANgirl BlogSuvudu and the Star Wars Insider and also serves as a contributor to Her Universe’s Year of the Fangirl. You can follow her on Twitter @fangirlcantina.

Jeff McGee (Nostalgia Guy)

Jeff is an actor and host of 3 podcasts dealing with pop culture and nostalgia. His screen passions include 80s movies, The Empire Strikes Back, Back To The Future, The Karate Kid, Tron, Unforgiven, Ghostbusters, Raiders of the Lost Ark, X2: X-Men United, The Goonies, Night Court, Buffy and Angel, Firefly, King of the Hill, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and The IT Crowd. 

Todd Mark (The Second Opinion)

Todd has been on the show a few times giving his thoughts so many topics, we figured it was time to plug him into the discussion a little more.  Todd's background includes both radio and television, including being a guest on CNN's Dollar Signs and he gave consumer advice on Headline News.  He once produced a nationally syndicated talks show called The Clark Howard Show and was once a pre-game emcee for the Atlanta Braves.

Bobby Blakey (The Fanboy Critic)

Bobby has been on the show since the very early days. He's a film critic and cartoon artist when he's not talking movies on the show.  His screen passions are Star Wars, Jean-Claude Van Damme movies, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Community.  You can catch Bobby's reviews here and here.